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Internal Audit Manager

Job Description and Requirements

Key Responsibilities:

· Oversee the planning and delivery of all internal audit activity, establishing key areas of problems, and advising on potential solutions.

· Prepare papers for and attend the monthly Audit Committee.

· Promoting the effectiveness of the monthly Audit Committee by bringing out relevant issues for attention and seeking guidance to fulfill its objectives.

· Prepare an Audit Plan for each division taking into consideration risks.

· Evaluate Audit assignments from both a functional and administrative perspective - functionally to verify that the audit has been carried out without missing any steps, and administratively to ensure timely completion and manning of the assignment.

· Ensure company compliance with Policies, Laws, and Accounting standards, and instill confidence in the senior team that these issues are being addressed by the concerned managers.

· Review and monitor internal financial controls from the point of adequacy and effectiveness to mitigate any risks.

· Constantly review the auditing processes to ensure that risks are mitigated without affecting the business process.

· Determine that the financial statements represent a true and fair view.

· Investigate any frauds and follow up for implementing accepted suggestions.

· Perform any special tasks as requested by Audit Committee.

· Coordinate with External Auditors over all auditing activity as relevant.

· Undertake regular risk assessments and suggest preventative measures, taking appropriate actions.

· Carry out statistical analysis for determining areas that need improvement.

· Review existing inventory control procedures at departmental level, including items sold below cost, against temporary debits, aging and obsolete stock.

· Manage the audit team by allocating appropriate personnel to different audit activities, ensure their training, and undertake their performance review by evaluating their management of audit assignments.

· Ensure the proper introduction and application of software/hardware/other resources to improve the functionality of the department.

Experience: 7-8 years experience preferably in the Automotive / Retail Industry.


Chartered Accountant/Certified Public Accountant
High analytical skills to be able find queries (including technical/non accounting/etc., points)
Team development
Well developed interpersonal skills


Member of Chartered Institute of Systems Applications