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Youth Civic Engagement Officer

Job Description and Requirements

“Nubader: Advancing Adolescents and Youth in Jordan”:

Mercy Corps GAC IHA “Nubader” Project is a psychosocial support model to support young people to develop empathy and resilience in response to their needs. The project is implemented through youth and adolescent friendly spaces (AFS) referred to as Community Action Hubs (“Hubs”) across three governorates in Jordan. The Hubs are multidisciplinary and multifaceted resource centers for youth, parents/caregivers, and for the community at large with the aim to facilitate access to educational, psychosocial, community-engagement, protection, and recreational services and opportunities.

A key component of the program is the integration of youth civic engagement platform in Community Action Hubs.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Youth Civic Engagement Officer supporting GAC project output 1.6 (Adolescents and youth lead community projects in their activities):

  1. Support in overseeing the implementation of the youth civic engagement platform at each hub in coordination with Mercy Corps and partnering CBO’s, for the duration of the extension period to ensure completion of 108 community projects (initiatives) and involvement of 1080 young people and 102 community leaders, across three sites. 
  2. Follow up on clubs’ activities and support youth leaders in organizing and conducting regular activities at each hub in collaboration with MC.
  3. Provide technical support for the media focal points at each hub to ensure enhancing community projects through utilizing online/ offline media.    
  4. Support planning, organizing, and conducting community events serving the objectives of the Nubader project.       
  5. Conduct follow up visits to the platform workshops at each site to ensure compliance with training unit minimum standards and adhere to Mercy Corps Code of Conduct and Child Safeguarding Policy.
  6. Provide regular programmatic and technical reports as per MercyCorps templates and timelines, archive hard and soft copies the following documents:

A) Monthly reports in Arabic and English, including attendance records of young adults/ parents, weekly schedule of activities at Community Center, major advocacy messages, any particular challenges/feedback from young adults/ parents, updates from CBPN meetings i.e. trends and young adults issues/cases that were identified, what particular steps were agreed and taken, reports of the debate sessions, numbers of attendees etc.

B) Quarterly reports and final detailed report in Arabic and English with success stories, lessons learned visual documentation and recommendations.

  1. Support monitoring and evaluation efforts, including observation, baseline and endline data surveys…etc.
  2. Follow up with sites to ensure keeping platform clubs equipment in good shape and fill and sign all needed forms in line with the CBO asset management requirements.
  3. Actively engage-in and support efforts in celebrating young adults’ achievements and showcasing their success stories, throughout the project period, that will bring partners, supporters, donors, authorities and the community together. 
  4. Provide support to other functions as needed to ensure the successful implementation of the project.
  5. Support the development of exit plan to ensure sustainability on the community level prior to the end of project implementation.

Knowledge & Experience:

  • University degree in Media, Visual arts, social work or other related field
  • Demonstrated skills in advocacy and civic participation and media literacy.
  • At least 3 years of experience performing required tasks in a complex emergency or relief context
  • Outstanding knowledge of print, web, graphics and email dissemination is a plus.
  • Ability to work independently and as a part of a team, take initiative and willingness to learn.
  • Experience in project implementation and support of emergency, youth, education programs
  • Good writing skills, including reports, best practices, cases studies, etc.
  • Good in both Arabic and English
  • Strong verbal and written communications skills
  • Strong proficiency in Technology/ Media tools for self and creative expression