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Technical Superintendent - Marine

Job Description and Requirements

 Check and approves the engine departments material requisition received from vessels
 Co-ordinate with the procurement to ensure prompt delivery of requested materials.
 Control and organizes on board repairs carried out as per PMS by workshop team.
 Select suppliers
 Ensure statutory and classification surveys for all fleet vessels are carried out and that vessels class are maintained by taking all the necessary action to lift any imposed condition on the class within the time frame given by surveyors.
 Inspect vessels regularly, prepare ship visit reports and submits summaries of these reports, if requested.
 Prepares dry-dock, major repairs and major refit specifications and attends the dry docking of the vessels.
 Develops and maintains a good working relationship with the key members of other departments within the company.
 Ensures all personnel under his responsibility are carrying out their duties in satisfactory manner
 Reviews the standard reports received from vessel, and takes the necessary action(s) to rectify any deficiency reported by the vessel or revealed from the analysis of such reports
 Assists in the familiarization and briefing of shore-based personnel and vessels’ senior officers
 Assists in the follow up of marine insurance claims by collection of data and supporting documents
 Establishes and maintains good working relations with clients in the off-shore and on shore.
 Checks and controls the costs relating to items of equipment additional to vessels inventory relating to specific contracts.