Urbacon Trading & Contracting LLC
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Sales Officer

Job Description and Requirements

Provide administrative support to the department
‐ Assist the Sales Manager in setting targets for the sales team.
‐ Initiate and organize sales to new clients
‐ Motivates and provides necessary Division: guidance to the 
sales staff.


‐ Knowledge of Sales Techniques
‐ Knowledge of negotiation
‐ Knowledge of generating sales opportunities
‐ Knowledge of marketing principles.
‐ Knowledge of sales promotions
‐ Skills in prioritization, organizing, /problem‐solving and decision‐making.
‐ Skills to adapt to change and be flexible.
‐ Skills to manage a range of day to day duties with initiative, accuracy, 
flexibility and adaptability.
‐ Skill in negotiating
‐ Skill in analyzing and organizing technical data