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Rotating Equipment Engineer

Job Description and Requirements
  • Responsible for Rotating Equipment Engineering support for maintenance, reliability and operation of Rotating Equipment.
  • Assist in conducting training sessions for operators, engineers and technicians for better understanding and appreciation of system reliability and proper use and operation of Rotating Equipment.
  • Participate in site safety and reliability audits; Ensure adherence to environmental regulations and adopt Safety Loss Prevention principles.
  • Provide technical assistance and trouble-shooting support for all Rotating Equipment Engineering/ HVAC system activities and ensure that all activities and procedures are in compliance with company requirements.
  • Evaluate vendors, proposals, designs, requests and documentations for sound Rotating Equipment Engineering/ HVAC Systems practice and conformance with established safety and design criteria and recommend approval or disapproval.
  • Participate in fitness-for-service evaluations of new and repaired Rotating Equipment & HVAC systems.
  • Participate in the review of the PPM program for maintenance goal alignment.
  • Provide information and support on Rotating Equipment Engineering to aid project teams in their proposal, cost and work estimates, engineering and construction.
  • Develop, review, maintain and apply engineering specifications and standards and identify improvement opportunities for standards and integrate best practices.
  • Develop and maintain standards, procedures, general instructions, and best Rotating Equipment Engineering to determine potential problems and remedies to complex technical problems.
  • Participate in preparing technical specifications of various rotating mechanical equipment and materials and adhere to the agreed design, standards and requirements, plant operability and performance.
  • Support Operations, Maintenance & Engineering (OME) team in maintaining facility integrity by conducting failure-performance analysis on rotating equipment and provide restoration procedures.
  • Work closely with other relevant organizations to determine mechanical equipment component’s life span using appropriate reliability tools to prolong use.
  • Provide technical assistance and trouble-shooting support for all mechanical rotating equipment and ensure that all maintenance activities and procedures are aligned with reliability requirements.
  • Define spare part requirements for rotating equipment; employing risk-based maintenance tool and other similar systems. Perform regular audits to ensure working capital is optimized, stock levels are maintained and spares for obsolete are removed.
  • Perform any job-related activities as requested by the immediate supervisor/manager.


Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or equivalent. 


8 Years