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Contract Administrator (Pre-contract)

Job Description and Requirements

Principal Objective: 

Responsible for all 
assigned pre-award contract administration functions. Provides supervision, 
training and technical guidance to other Contract Administrators in contract 
preparation, negotiation, and the award for Operation & 
Maintenance, consulting studies, design contracts and procurement/type 
contracts. Responsible for protecting the Royal Commission and 
Company interests in all contractual matters and ensuring RC policies and 
procedures are complied with as well as ensuring legal and contractual 
compliance in all contractual matters. 

Major Activities Performed:
  • Provides training, mentoring and technical guidance to 
    Contract Administrators in preparation of pre-award Request for Proposal, 
    verification of the accuracy of bid packages and participates in the 
    pre-award evaluation/negotiation process.
  • Reviews work of Contract Administrators for correctness 
    and policy and procedural compliance.
  • Plans contract activities, including pre-award 
  • Recommends new and revised policies and procedures.
  • Participates in the selection, training, and evaluation 
    of personnel.
  • Advises appropriate Manager on contractual matters and 
    is the principal advisor at the Project level about the strategy 
    for, and the conduct and recording of contract pre-award negotiations.
  • Assists in presentations to senior management.
  • Performs Contract Administration duties as required and 
    participates in the pre-award evaluation/negotiations process, including a 
    functional role as Bid Evaluation Team Lead and Negotiation Team Leader.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Director, 
    Purchasing & Contracting and Manager, Contracting Section.


Experience and Qualifications:
  • Master degree in Engineering, Science, or Legal.
  • Must have ten 
    (10) years’ experience in contract pre-award, negotiation, and administration activities or procurement of 
    Operation & Maintenance, Consulting Studies, Design, and large value 
    infrastructure type construction contracts. Experience must include a full range of 
    public bidding activities, formulation of Bid Documents, responding to bidders’ 
    questions, issuing addenda, Bid Evaluation and Cost/Price Analysis, and 
    negotiation for the award.
  • Bachelor degree in Engineering, Science or Legal with twelve (12) years’ 
    experience in contract pre-award, negotiation and Administration activities as 
    described above.
  • Fluent in English (writing, reading, and speaking).
  • Must have excellent writing skills, attention to detail and 
    accuracy in work. Must also be computer literate and skilled in the use of MS 
    Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint for word processing and preparation of 
    spreadsheets and use of other analytical software tools.