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Senior Member Technical Staff - Electrical - (Design Unit)

Job Description and Requirements
Principal Objective: A brief summary of the 
responsibilities of the position. This is a technical specialist performing complex 
technical analysis. Plans, directs and supervises the technical work in a 
special area. provides technical input to proposals and studies in a 
specialized area. Serves on committees 
or panels for technical planning.   Organizational Relationship: A brief synopsis of 
reporting relationships i.e., reports to, supports section, group, etc.; 
interfaces with senior management, clients, etc. Reports directly to Design Unit Supervisor. Provides technical assistance and direction 
in a specialized area to subordinates or peers. 
Interfaces with other departments as required for successful completion 
of tasks.


Major Activities Performed: 1. Functions as a 
technical expert in performing analysis in specialized area. 

2. Reviews problem 
areas, recommends solutions, alternatives and improvements. 

3. Conducts reviews 
on technical provisions of work and prepares special technical reports. 

4. Interfaces with 
other stakeholders 

5. Monitors 
technical activities for the department making recommendations when needed to 
the Project. 

6. Prepares Requests 
for Proposal (RFP) documents with design concepts. 

7 Review / Prepare 
RFP packages, design drawings, specifications, and calculations submittals and 
coordinates with the work of other disciplines. 

8. Reviews vendor 
and shop drawings, and construction materials and/or equipment submittals. 

9. Prepares 
interface layouts and conflicts solutions. 

10. Prepares technical correspondence, reports, and 

11. Supervising the activities of subordinates with in 
Design Unit, Distribute the related tasks to them, review the output of them. 
Ensure quality of all documents and its extent to meet Codes and Standards 

12. Performs detail designs of Electrical Systems, 
Building services, and infrastructure for residential, commercial and light 
Industrial projects Participate in planning & execution of Annual plan 
of Design Unit.


and Qualifications: 

A Degree in 
Electrical Engineering from a recognized western university plus 12 years’ applicable 
post-graduate professional experience.
1. Excellent communication skills able to communicate 
effectively in spoken and written English. 

2. Must have sound overall experience in designing 
systems for commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities. Must be capable to check designs done by A/Es 
for medium voltage (13.8kV) and low voltage power, indoor lighting, outdoor and 
road lighting, grounding, communication, and fire alarm systems. 

3. Perform engineering analysis of design package 
submitted by A/Es, including Calculations, power system studies, Drawings, MTO, 
Vendor Material Specifications, and other deliverables like Construction/Shop 

4. Capable of making load estimate calculations, demand load 
calculation, voltage drop calculations, short circuit calculations, cable 
sizing, breaker sizing and illumination calculations. 

5. Used software to perform power system studies on low 
voltage and medium voltage systems. 

6. Underground and exposed conduit and cable tray runs. 

7. Fire protection and communication systems one line 
diagrams and physical layout of equipment and devices. 

8. Medium voltage (13.8kV) power distribution one-line 
diagram and equipment layout of major equipment. 

9. Medium voltage power distribution layout with cables 
in duct banks and direct buried and corresponding ampacity calculations. 

10.Capable of Inter-Organizational Coordination group 
develop Master plans for MV distribution networks, as input to New Urbanization 
development projects undertaken by Municipal and City development. 

11. Must be knowledgeable with the National Electrical 
Code, IEEE, ANSI, NFPA, IBC and IEC Standards. 

Knowledge for new 
technologies & concepts such as LEED, BIM etc. Candidate must have US Professional Engineering 
certification (PE)