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Sr. Resident Construction Engineer - Civil

Job Description and Requirements

Principal Objective 

Senior supervisory field engineering level in construction methodology and management and application of engineering techniques on large, multiple or complex major infrastructure, roads and utilities projects. Responsible for managing the administration of, and supervising field construction monitoring activities and providing technical guidance and expertise to ensure completion within established budget and schedule, in accordance with design specifications and contractual obligations. 

Organizational Relationship 

Receive administrative and technical direction in terms of broad project objectives from Senior Resident Construction Manager (SRCM). Frequent contacts requiring the capability to persuade, influence and/or motivate all levels of contractor representatives. Frequent contacts with upper level management and client representatives. Organize, plan and supervise activities of assigned construction management personnel of various disciplines and technical personnel dedicated to assigned projects. 

Major Activities Performed 

1. Implement and adhere with the QA/QC Program, safety guidelines, and specification during the work activities. 

2. Provide guidance to contractors regarding schedule, procedures, scope of work and other information requirements. 

3. Plan and organize monitoring of contractor’s activities. Review activities of subordinates to ensure field operations are adequately monitored and all necessary tests and inspections are conducted. Assist in preparing manpower forecasts to ensure adequate staffing for monitoring activities. 

4. Develop a close working relationship with contractor. Provide technical guidance in interpretation of specifications. Review job plans, methods, equipment, staffing and productivity and detect potential problems in conforming to established schedules or specifications. Review problems with contractor to determine whether actions proposed are adequate for resolution. 

5. Review shop and as-built drawings submitted by contractor. Obtain engineering review and approval. Identify and report on discrepancies in original design or in contract documents which necessitate contract modifications. Review submitted construction, quality assurance and other procedures, and obtain necessary approvals. 

6. Coordinate with other departments to obtain required support. Coordinate interfaces between contractors and project management staff where project impacts on other projects. Resolve conflicts in schedules and coordinate tie-ins of facilities where applicable. 

7. Recommend approval of schedule changes in sequence of construction activities where required. 

8. Compile technical data to prepare weekly and monthly reports on project progress, cost and quality control. Conduct or direct fact-finding investigations and advise SRCM of problems in meeting schedules or specifications. 

9. Assist SRCM in administration functions and initiate correspondence to contractors and other departments for SRCM’s signature. Assume responsibilities of SRCM in periods of absence. 

10. Review and verify that items submitted for billing on Work Estimates are justified and confirm actual performance. Determine percentage of work completed and recommend payment of Work Estimates as appropriate. Advise contractor when not acceptable or of necessary corrective action or additional documentation required. 

11. Assist in coordinating the compilation of relevant documentation and the determination of actual events and situations causing contract delays and/or claims and in evaluating validity of claims.

Experience and Qualifications 

1. BS degree in Civil Engineering and 10 to 12 years of field construction experience in civil and utilities work. 

2. At least 5 years’ experience in supervision of field construction engineers. 

3. Working knowledge of multi-craft construction practices. 

4. US Professional Engineer registration, PE or PMP.