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Resident Construction Engineer – Architect

Job Description and Requirements
Position Overview:
  • Responsible for coordination, monitoring and inspection of project construction activities to ensure that the quality of work is in compliance with the project specifications, approved drawings, applicable code, standards and within budget and schedule.
  • Reports directly to the Senior Resident Construction Manager (SRCM) to receive administrative and technical direction in terms of project objectives. Interfaces with other Client’s Departments, End Users and Engineering Department staff, and occasionally with senior management and client representatives. Daily contacts with Contractor’s on-site engineers and management staff.
Job Responsibilities:
  • Monitors Contractors’ architectural field activities of interior finishing works, materials and furniture selection, color coordination regarding contract scope of work, site conditions, installation, progress, procedures, costs, schedule, and other contractual requirements.
  • Witnesses contractors’ material selection, installation and quality control inspections to ensure that the permanent and finishing works are constructed according to the contract, applicable codes, standards, approved drawings and specifications.
  • Provides technical guidance to SRCM in interpretation of architectural specifications. Reviews job plans, methods, material selection, equipment, staffing, productivity and detects potential problems in conforming to established schedules or specifications. Reviews problems with Contractor to determine whether proposed actions are adequate for resolution.
  • Reviews contractor-submitted architectural shop and as-built drawings, design inquiries, material submittals, interiors and exterior finishes, mock-ups, landscaping, and coordinates with the concerned departments for obtaining their approval and/or comments.
  • Arranges meetings between the contractor and concerned departments to resolve interfacing problems during construction.
  • Reviews contractors’ invoices for correctness of installed quantities for the architectural portion of the works.
  • Attends a bi-weekly meeting between the Client’s Construction team and the Contractor.
  • Conducts or directs fact finding architectural investigations and advises SRCM.
  • Initiates and prepares for SRCM draft architectural related letters, memos or reports to contractors and other Departments.
Experience and Qualifications:
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from recognized western university.
  • Minimum of (8) eight years of field experience in architectural construction and materials selection of building projects such as multi-story buildings, offices, residential developments, auditorium, or education buildings.
  • The candidate also should have experienced with:
    • Field Engineer experience in application or Architectural and construction methodology for focusing on interior residential and housing development, buildings-single and multi-story, and community construction projects.
    • Owner’s Engineer representing the Client.
    • Responsible for monitoring and inspection of on-site architectural activities, including; interior finishes, tiling, painting, door, window and false ceiling installations, and furniture.
    • Provide technical guidance to contractors and utilizes expertise to ensure that the permanent works are constructed per the contract in accordance with applicable codes, standards, approved drawings, and specifications, budget and schedule.
    • Construction and building drawings.
    • Applicable Architectural codes, standards construction practices.
    • Construction sequencing and methodology.
    • Knowledge of International building code (IBC) and Uniform Building Code (UBC).
  • Candidate must be LEED certified.
  • Must have or be able to obtain Saudi Driving License.
  • Must be fluent in English – both spoken and written and be able to effectively communicate with others.
  • Knowledge of computers and basic software applications: MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point), read construction schedules (Primavera).
  • Advantage with AutoCAD experience.