Ajman Academy
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Arabic Teacher

Job Description and Requirements


  • Bachelor degree in Arabic
  • Teaching diploma
  • Minimum of three years of teaching experience in International schools 
  • Excellent computer skills
  • IB experience is a privilege
  • Good English communication skills

Job Responsibilities:

  • Maintain the highest possible standard in all areas of their work
  • Providing a warm and effective learning environment for students
  • Contributing to the academic, pastoral and general development of the students as individuals and of the school as a whole
  • Ensuring that he/she is familiar with the School’s policies practices, expectations, curriculum, philosophy and vision.
  • Teaching such classes as per the timetable set by the School Principal;
  • Preparing of the work for these classes in accordance with the agreed school curriculum
  • Effectively implementing the School academic and social curriculum through the work undertaken in and out of class to best meet the needs of individual learners
  • Regularly monitoring each student’s performance and progress against the criteria set in the School curriculum documents
  • Keeping appropriate records of each student’s attendance and progress in accordance with the criteria set of the School
  • Alerting the School Principal when a student’s attendance, performance and progress does not meet the expectations of the School
  • Setting clear and high expectations for students
  • Maintaining their classrooms as warm and inviting learning centres through the use of appropriate displays
  • Alerting the School Principal to any problems relating to the assigned classroom, and the School as a whole, maintenance, or safety of students
  • Undertaking such supervisory duties as may be assigned by the School Principal. 
  • Communicating to parents on the performance and progress of their children in accordance with the format approved by the School Principal
  • Participating actively in the pastoral care and welfare of the students
  • Attending such meetings as and professional development sessions as may be called by the School Principal and /or the central administration
  • Continuously undertaking personal professional development through research and attendance at workshops and courses
  • Participating actively in all agreed extra-curricular activities, programs and projects which support the School program and the development of the students
  • Undertaking such additional responsibilities as may reasonably be required by the Director and the School Principal within the terms of contract and the conditions of service